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Cody portrait

Monday, September 12, 2011

Love Teaching Families!

Hiya Family!
"..Just one of them things id'n it..." --British Saying of the Week.  
Bianca and Richard (the Scottish couple with two kids) are progressing ever so smoothly. We were able to teach them 4 times, which is a huge blessing because we are able to keep that spiritual high throughout the week. We found out on Wednesday that Bianca had read all the way to 2 Nephi! It is a huge step for her considering that she has never had a belief in God. Richard is also doing very well and feels and knows that it is true, he has been the rock throughout all of the lessons. When Bianca feels hesitant he just simply shares how he knows it is true. He is stellar.
As for church this Sunday, Richard was not able to come because he had to go and pick up their daughter but Bianca decided to still come! She still says that church is very new to her but she enjoys coming, and now is even committed enough to come on her own.
We were able to teach them in a home of a wonderful lady in the ward by the name of Sister Turner. She is a single lady living on her own and so we try to stop by and say hello every once and a while. And now with Bianca and Richard living so close she has been able to be a huge part to friendshipping them into the ward. I cannot tell you how amazing she is, and how huge of a role she has played on Richard and Bianca!
The main thing that we will have to talk about this week is marriage. They already have the desire as Richard even bought Bianca a ring this past week!   
This week we also were able to teach a mother and son, Nikki and Mathew. Elder Cunningham street-contacted them in Flint and I was able to get home from and exchange just in time to teach them. Nikki comes from a background where she was taught not to believe in God but she says that it has always interested her. 
With Mathew, her 8-year-old son there we took most of the lesson teaching him the Restoration. Nikki loved the fact that we included him and even directed most of the lesson to him.  In doing that we were able to teach simply, which allowed Nikki to learn along side her son. 
We taught them Saturday night and invited them to Church the next day, Nikki asked Matthew, Matthew said "yep" they came! Mathew at first was quite nervous, but after a bit of encouragement he joined the 8-year-olds for class. He came out of the class looking so happy. He ran up to Nikki saying, "Mom, look! We built temples today, look at mine!" As he held it up, you could just see her face light up! One of her main reasons for going was because she wanted to see how he liked it... well, he loved it! It was a great first impression for the both of them. We'll see them again this week!
Carol and her daughter Claire are doing well. The only hold up is the Word or Wisdom at the moment. Elder Cunningham and I were able to make a 'countdown' calendar to help her cut down. We were able to teach her in the Sumner's home, which is always the best environment to teach in! She was not able to make it to church with her being sick... Nevertheless, we still see her often and through her determination and her choice, she will be baptised. 
I cannot tell you how enjoyable it is to teach families. When you see families such as Richard and Bianca's and Nikki's growing closer together through living the gospel, it makes you want to be nothing other than a missionary. 
How grateful I am for you, Mom and Dad for raising me up in a gospel centered home!
This week I was privileged to go on an exchange with Elder Kuchar from Germany. He is a rather young missionary with a lot of potential. I loved the exchange so much because of the fact that I got to just ask him questions. Elder Kuchar was baptised 3 years ago, and is now on a mission despite no members of his family being members. That is what we call an example of a testimony that is based upon faith. He knows that this is where the Lord wants him to be. What a great example he is to me...
On our exchange we were able to set and pray for an "expectation" that we had for the exchange. Through our obedience and diligence we wanted to see an 'on the spot' lesson come to a Young Single Adult (YSA)- aged investigator. Well, this miracle that we felt that we could achieve became a reality as we met an 18 year old young man by the name of Jordan. Jordan was very interested in our message and sat down with us to hear us out.  When those moments happen you cannot help but feel a great sense of gratitude to God.  He learned and answered our honest prayer to find someone to teach. Miracles such as these happen every day, and I know that they are from God.  
I love being a Zone Leader because of all the exchanges. I get to know all the members of the zone so quickly and I get to learn from so many different Elders with different backgrounds and cultures. 
Lots and Lots of Love.
Elder Eliason

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